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Harald Sitta CC Reg No 2010/020111/23 is  doing legal and strategic advice & alternative dispute resolution . Out of court legal and strategic advise based on 43 years of legal practice and experience in Austria, Internationally and in South Africa . 

Enterprise philosophy: 'There are no problems, only challenges and 'no' is not an answer' 

Harald Sitta turns 65 on the 6th of August 2020, he is an old cynical war horse and does not give a damn any more. That means we fight for your interests without if and when. Nice and neat as we prefer good manners and a constructive style in negotiations  but also very definite if need arises. 

2020 is the year for lions not for sheep! And the next years too!

Please  visit our Opera Event management website at www.sittopera.co.za 

Dr Harald Sitta has written the book " Cross Haired "- a polemic philosophy, published by LESEDI HOUSE . Please visit www.crosshaired.co.za